Guide to 100% Lisle Cotton Socks

Guide to 100% Lisle Cotton Socks

Lisle Cotton – The King of Comfort

When we talk about “lisle”, we’re referring to one of the best yarns in the whole market, which is also characterized by its deluxe quality, high comfort, and great wearability. We can definitely say that Egyptians know well their cotton, and it’s precisely from Makò cotton, grown on the fertile banks of the Nile, that this high-quality fiber is produced. The best yarn you could ask for the summer season: fresh, breathable, durable, and bright. Nowadays, the well-known lisle socks have become an iconic symbol of style, and thanks to their unique peculiarities, they surely know how to highlight “Italian businessmen” in every office around the world. As anticipated, this particular and refined cotton can be obtained from the skillful processing of refined Egyptian fibers, which are first collected and sorted, and then washed twice in a ‘caustic soda bath’; this final process is known as mercerization. However, we’re not here to bother you with useless terms: you just need to know that 100% lisle cotton socks are light, tasteful, and comfortable; moreover, this valuable thread is completely hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The best quality in one single pair of socks designed by Ciocca: an opportunity that you shouldn’t waste!

Lisle Socks – Models and Patterns

Within the lisle socks family, we can find a wide variety of models characterized by their unique aesthetics and specific functionalities. Are you asking what do they have in common? Their one-of-a-kind style!



  • Smooth socks:
  • Thin and bright, we’re talking about the must-have socks that should never be missing in your wardrobe. Perfect for every single outfit, lisle smooth socks are the best solution both during everyday life and formal opportunities.
  • Loose cuff socks:
  • Perfect for those who always want to be elegant, our loose cuff socks grant all the comfort you need and high adherence to the leg.
  • Ribbed socks 1x1
  • The well-known ribbed sock construction method will provide you with high comfort and elasticity. Seeing is believing
  • ⦁ Chiffon socks:
  • If you’re looking for the best formal socks you may ask for, you’ve finally found them! Thanks to their thin fiber, chiffon socks are the best solution for those who seek flawless elegance every day and for any occasion.

Which Pair Should I Wear? – Long Socks, Short Socks, Ankle Socks

Italian tradition and fashion suggest that men always wear long socks to grant them a unique and elegant style, safe from possible “slip-ups” while crossing legs. In the last years, due to foreign influence (especially from Germany and Belgium), short socks have been largely diffused even in Italy. Thanks to their competitive price and “thin style” that made them so popular, short socks gift a feeling of great freshness and lightness. On the other hand, ankle socks are becoming day after day a must-have, especially to escape the summer heat, and they’re absolutely perfect to wear with sneakers, moccasins, and boat shoes! CHECK OUT our in-depth article.


  • New uses: Lycra and Polyamide:
  • To better adapt to the increasingly dynamic style of our lives, we created lisle sock models mixed with other unique fibers. These models, slightly less thin compared to 100% lisle cotton socks, are more resistant when worked with polyamide, and more elastic and comfortable when worked with lycra, allowing a better adherence to foot and leg. 
  • ⦁Health wellness socks: 
  • Specifically thought for people who suffer from circulatory blood disorders and need certified sanitary socks. Thanks to their soft cuff, which is double the height of a standard one, our health wellness socks do not apply any kind of pressure to the calf. Are you afraid that they can easily slide? This model has been designed to stay in its position without falling down the leg!

Tips And Tricks – How to Recognize 100% Lisle Socks

  • First, you need to check their brightness. Genuine Lisle socks, like the ones crafted by Ciocca since 1912, are characterized by bright yarn, visible at first sight, and with a “silk” effect. Their structure should be uniform and compact because all the best socks have a twisted yarn that ensures durability over time, without neglecting its main features: freshness and lightness. Other fundamental characteristics surely are those connected to toe and heel. It is well known that toe and heel are the most stressed points in a sock, and that’s why they should always be reinforced. Moreover, the seam that closes the socks’ toe must be flat and almost invisible to decrease possible rubbing sensations while walking. Finally, high heel socks’ reinforcement seam should arrive till the ankle to guarantee greater resistance to the rubbing of the shoe, even after prolonged uses (you never know what our day may reserve for us, always better to be ready!).


    If you’re looking for high-quality, comfy, and stylish socks, you’ve finally found them. Buy them now from our online store!


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