How to Choose Men’s Socks – Fall/Winter

How to Choose Men’s Socks – Fall/Winter

The Best Fall/Winter Men’s Socks

Fall is almost upon us, and choosing the best pair of socks for this season can be increasingly tough. Don’t you know which model could be better for you? At the Ciocca hosiery, we created a guide that will surely help you choose the best socks for your needs. Let’s discover together how a simple but elegant detail of men’s clothing can make the difference between a day with cold feet or wrapped in a pleasant warmth!

The Ideal Thread for Your Needs

When choosing men’s winter socks, particular attention has to be paid to selecting the perfect thread that best suits your necessities. That’s why we can subdivide winter socks into four main threads, each one with its own unique characteristics:


Soft, comfy, and for the right price: thermal socks will be your perfect ally against cold days. Compared to the usual cotton, the “winter” one is warmer and offers a velvety feel to the touch, making it more pleasant to wear. Thermal cotton socks made by Ciocca are the best solution for those who want sober colors to wear for any occasion! Moreover, this incredible fiber is known for its resistance to washing, granting high durability. If you always feel cold, in this article you will find socks that are surely more suitable for your needs, especially if you’re used to outdoor activities. Thanks to its hypoallergenic properties, cotton is particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin.   



Wool, the best winter thread you can find. Since ancient times, wool has earned the first place as the most used fiber to produce socks (and other clothes) for the coldest seasons. Among its main characteristics, we can find:
⦁ high thermal coefficient – thanks to its natural ability to “trap” air, wool adapts to the body and environment temperature, keeping your feet warm
⦁ high wear resistance
⦁ high flexibility – wool socks keep their shape even after years
⦁ high breathability
For these reasons, wool is the best natural thread for your winter socks, especially if you hate cold! A little tip by Ciocca: pay attention when you wash wool socks; this fiber can be considered more “fragile” than others when dealing with water.



Smooth, thin, and incredibly cozy: cashmere fiber is obtained from the fleece of a particular goat that is raised in countries such as Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, India, and Turkey. Among its main features, we have:
⦁ High softness
⦁ High thermal coefficient
⦁ High breathability
⦁ Always bright colors, even after many washes
100% cashmere socks tend to be more subject to wear, and that’s why you can find many cashmere-blend socks on the market. What? Another incredible characteristic of this unique fiber? It doesn’t get felted like classic wool!



Born for technical sportswear, fleece was also introduced for other types of clothing. Fleece socks are extremely warm and soft, perfect to wear during the coldest seasons of the year, even for outdoor activities. This incredible thread can be utilized for a wide variety of occasions: you shouldn’t underestimate it!


Which One is The Perfect Model?


Classic socks can vary in structure (smooth or ribbed), color, and length. The elegant and refined style of these socks makes them perfect to wear at home, office, and for formal occasions: a must that every man should have in his dresser. 


To meet some specific needs, in the Ciocca catalog you will find many socks studied and designed for each particular case. We can subdivide these socks into three categories: 


⦁ Graduated Compression Socks - have you ever felt tired and with sore legs after a long and stressful day at work? If the answer is yes, then these socks are perfect for you! Indeed, their unique graduated compression constitution stimulates circulation and the return of blood to the heart, reducing the well-known feeling of weakness at the end of the day. 

⦁ Wellness socks - suitable for people who suffer from circulatory disorders and need certified wellness socks. Thanks to its soft cuff, twice the height of a normal one, wellness socks made by Ciocca don’t apply any kind of pressure to the calf, while reaming in their position without slipping down the leg. 

⦁ Breathable socks - our breathable socks are made of unique threads specifically designed to improve the technical characteristics of the sock itself. Thanks to the “tactel acquator” technology, for example, it’s possible to expel sweat and allow a more fluent circulation of air, thus ensuring dry feet. 

How to Recognize 

How to Recognize a Great Men’s Sock

There are some fundamental details that a winter men’s sock should always have. That’s why Ciocca hosiery guarantees the best that socks can offer: 

⦁ Reinforced toe and heel – notoriously, the most stressed parts of a sock are toe and heel; for this reason, a quality sock should always have these points reinforced to increase its resistance to wear due to daily uses and repeated washings. 

⦁ Flat toe seam – the seam that closes the sock’s toe must be flat and almost imperceptible to the touch; this decreases the rubbing sensation while walking, making the movement more comfortable. 

⦁ Reinforced heel: in socks with “high heel” the reinforcement of the heel itself must continue up to the ankle, granting resistance to the shoe’s rubbing: a valuable detail that only the best socks have! 


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