Since 1912

In 1912 Luigi Ciocca opened the factory that bears his name and that today is run by the fourth generation of the family. The first important successes, seven years later, led the founder to move the company to Quinzano d'Oglio, where an old blanket factory, now in disuse, was for sale. In 1929, at the age of eighteen, his son Giuseppe joined the company. At a very young age, he began to make his way and to acquire the experience and skills that would allow him, upon his father's untimely death, to take over the reins of the family business. In 1935 Giuseppe Ciocca was at the head of the hosiery factory, which he led with skill and determination, even during the difficult years of the war and the first post-war period. With him the production of socks grows, thanks also to a constant technological and stylistic research. 


Since 1912

Since the fifties, Calzificio Ciocca has been a leading company in Italy for the production of socks in wool, cotton and many other fibers that guarantee a wide range of products able to cover, with different brands, all the market segments, from large-scale distribution to the luxury niche. It is 1991 and Giuseppe Ciocca passes the baton to his sons to whom he hands over a company that is among the first in Italy for sales network and product quality. The constant search for new materials and better technologies, the habit of reinvesting in cutting-edge machinery, the high level of professionalism, the attention paid to the customer make Calzificio Ciocca more and more competitive and recognizable on the market. The guidelines drawn at the beginning of the century first by Luigi and then carried on by Giuseppe are the driving force behind this family business. The heirs have successfully combined history, organizational excellence, industrial traditions and innovative skills. Today the company has intensified production in Italy, reflecting the know-how and values of the parent company, as well as having part of the production abroad in different areas of the world.


Ciocca's Production

Calzificio Ciocca's production system is avant-garde, its innovative machinery and the external collaboration of selected laboratories allow it to anticipate and satisfy all market segments, from large-scale distribution to luxury. The verticalized production boasts a fleet of high quality machines of the main Italian manufacturers, capable of working all types of fibers, pure or blended, with nylon or elastomer. This high level of specialization allows it to respond promptly and successfully to the demands of the fashion world. Calzificio Ciocca signs a complete line of high quality products, guarantee of wearability and comfort, ideal for every day, for sport and leisure.

The production takes place almost entirely in Italy, directly in the company. Each intermediate stage is carefully controlled by specialized employees who check all the details.  

Cotton, acrylic, nylon and all the fibers used, before reaching the production department, are subjected to strict tests to ensure the high quality of the product to all market segments. In order to meet the market's first price demands, part of the garments are instead made by selected foreign producers who control with the same care every phase of production to guarantee the customer an excellent finished product.

Among the first in Italy in the production, Calzificio Ciocca uses both double cylinder machines in different sizes and single cylinder of the latest generation with the tip linking machine, in different sizes. Finally, it uses machines for inlay work, with 96, 120 and 156 needles, and machines for the workmanship of terry sportswear in finenesses 24 and 36. Specialization and high technology allow us to respond promptly and competently to all market demands.



Ciocca Now

Ciocca's future opens the door to an eco-sustainable world. our company is making a greater commitment to environmental protection of the environment. To date, the Ciocca Group is able to able to guarantee all the company's company's needs thanks to a a photovoltaic system composed of 1500 panels of the latest generation panels. The objective is to become a zero-emission zero-emission system.

Supply Chain Sustainability

Less Environmental Impact

Increased environmental awareness

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