Wellnes line


The socks in this line are designed for people suffering from diabetes, arthritis, with sensitive and delicate feet.
They provide comfort at all times of the day

Men's sanitary socks

Men's sanitary socks, the smart choice for maximum comfort for your legs every day.


The choice of socks should be made with extreme care, especially for you who have circulatory problems, diabetes or have to stand for long periods!
Let's take a look at the characteristics that a sock must have in order to be a good purchase and a valid partner for everyday life_.


Maximum comfort

First of all, the flat seams on the toe of the sock allow you to have the feeling of freedom under any shoe, be it sports, work or even elegant.

The soft cuff positioned below the knee on long models prevents the sock from slipping.

The fit of the sock must adapt to all types of ankles and legs, which is why we at Ciocca have studied the fine-ribbed conformation that gives the sock maximum elasticity and comfort, so that you can forget the painful signs of elastic in other socks.


A help for health too

The sanitary socks are in fact specially designed for people suffering from circulatory diseases and diabetes, managing to avoid pressure and discomfort even when the feet and ankles are swollen.

Ciocca's aim is to support people's wellbeing with its products, and for this reason, even in the case of sanitary socks, it tends to give maximum importance to all the details that make each item perfect for those who need them.


The quality-price ratio, a point in favour of our socks

Buying a product made with the best yarns of entirely Italian production is a real advantage for the buyer.

The socks do not shrink or deform with washing and with time, the flat seams also allow for greater resistance and therefore make the sock more durable over time. Ciocca's price/quality ratio is among the best, but you will only understand this when you can wear quality that lasts over time.

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