Ciocca socks: the spring - summer 2022 collection is coming!

Spring in colour with Ciocca socks, 2022 collection

Do you desire to discover, to show off your style, to live in colour? Ciocca makes it possible! That’s why we always create different and specific collections for each season.

We follow the trends of the moment so that, when you wear our fine yarns, you feel comfortable, cosy while wearing the glamorous charm of unique productions on your feet.

Ciocca socks: outside the role, inside the style

Attention to detail, uniqueness and colour moods that will carefully define your look. The tradition of quality within the contemporaneity of sophisticated but not limiting textures.

The freedom to experiment also passes through simple accessories like socks. Thanks to Ciocca’s manufacture they become the element that makes the difference, a real must-have for your outfit.

Ciocca Spring 2022 Collection: socks for Him

Renewed graphics and yarns suitable for every need. Spring brings with it the first warmth, which is why you should choose your socks not only on the basis of an aesthetic connotation, but also according to a practical matter.

Our yarns can provide you with comfort and peace of mind, offering you four categories to choose from. We are talking about hosiery in fresh cotton, in Tactel, in Chiffon and in Polyamide or synthetic fibres.

Fresh cotton, suitable for sensitive and particularly delicate skin, is ideal for the transition from low to high temperatures, having thinness and freshness as its strong points.

The well-known Ciocca socks in Tactel are specially designed for those with a sporty lifestyle. The Tactel Aquator technology works in synergy with variations in body temperature, dressing without constricting.
Chiffon and synthetic fibre socks, although different, both guarantee an adequate fit and an extreme feeling of well-being.

After a journey through our production we come to our spring-summer 2022 collection for Him and discover together which models you shouldn’t miss out:

Let's start with the long socks with vertical stripes (three colours) in fresh cotton. A must-have! They win you over at first glance and are perfect for both casual and busy styles.

We continue with the men's collection in fresh cotton, but this time we offer the short socks with a sober floral pattern available in four colours. Decisive and delicate at the same time, they are a must-have in your wardrobe.
Timeless and chic are the men's long socks in cool cotton with a two-colour geometric pattern, stylish details for those who like to be and not show off.

Perfect as soon as the thermometer starts to rise, the men's long socks in cool cotton with a net pattern are finished with a monochrome cuff, an unmistakable fashion detail.

Ciocca Spring 2022 socks for Her: dressing emotions

You will go crazy over the Sneakers women's socks in fresh Made in Italy cotton: the pattern with fluorescent stripes on the foot will define your style, completing it.

The gaze is right there, at the bottom of your trousers or skirt as you sit down: with this model of short socks with a viscose embroidery pattern, you will be envied. Four colours (black, green, pink, white) for a workmanship on fresh cotton that denotes a refined informality to be spent with ankle boots, amphibians, footwear that has become a real trend in the last few warm seasons.

We are about to enter the time of year that will make us open our wardrobes wide in search of shorts, skirts and miniskirts: it is the moment of ultra colour that does not cover, but decorates, as in the case of the short socks with a checked pattern in three colours (black, pink and yellow). Always made of fresh cotton, they will become the perfect protagonists of this spring.

Millerighe what a passion with the patterned short socks in four colours (black, blue, pink and white). Allied to your hottest days, they are easy to match with ballet flats, sandals, brogues or elegant pumps.

Don't call them baby socks, but little masterpieces

The novelties and details of the socks - spring collection Ciocca 2022 - are surprising even among the children's models: from the college pattern to the classic stripes in fresh cotton for her and for him, passing by the sailor pattern perfect for the most sophisticated combinations and styles.

A journey of colour all to wear, where value for money is as important as the finishes.

Ciocca, socks for passion

For this upcoming spring, we bring you lots of colours and lightness back. Playful looks at the pace of your feet, in line with the latest footwear of the moment as well as the more traditional.

Decorative and expressive, never too much, Ciocca socks for Her or for Him are colour harmonies to meet the demands of style and quality workmanship. Ciocca socks, the perfect synthesis of taste and creativity!

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