Travelling comfortably: 10 tips for your travel socks

Travelling comfortably: 10 tips for your travel socks

Summer is over and our beloved holidays are for many a distant memory, but the desire to travel accompanies us all year round. By now, you know, every excuse is good to move and with the possibility of finding juicy deals online, taking a plane or a train has become a habit. So why, before a trip, do we often find ourselves struggling at the last minute to choose what to wear? The answer is always the same! No matter whether it is a journey by plane, train or car, the desire to be comfortable often prevails over being stylish.


So how could you better face the journey than with a soft tracksuit, some trendy trainers, and why not, a comfortable, soft cardigan? And so far so good, but what about socks? As the experts that we are in this field, here are our best 10 tips to follow when choosing your travel socks.

Watch out for holes

Often when travelling we tend to pay no attention to the socks we wear, because who sees them anyway? Well, let me unlock a memory for you. Have you ever stood at the security checkpoint at the airport and found yourself in that situation where you are asked to take off your shoes? Yes? Then I am sure some of you will have found yourself with a holey or discoloured sock. To avoid embarrassment, it is better to specially prepare a new pair of socks. This will allow you to appear tidy and avoid embarrassing looks.

Breathable socks

Yes, breathable socks are now the must-have for any self-respecting trip. If you have to walk long distances to reach your destination or simply wear your shoes for long hours, these socks guarantee comfort. They are often made of lightweight, technical fabrics so that your feet always stay dry.

Confort first

Often when buying socks and sockettes, little attention is paid to the fabric they are made of, despite the fact that this is the deciding factor as to whether they are comfortable or not. For example, microfibre socks made from breathable fabrics as we have said are useful when intense activity is planned. In summer, on the other hand, it is better to use cotton ones. Be careful as these do not transpire, so it is best to avoid them for long journeys. The wrong choice will cause you to suffer for the duration of the trip. Be careful which ones you choose!

Always warm feet

Thermal socks may be exaggerated, but when it comes to travelling in winter, these can become our lifesaver. These types of socks keep feet and legs (depending on length) warm. Their main characteristic is their ability to maintain the temperature without it being lost to the outside. These thermal socks are not only for those who ski or go to the mountains often, but are also ideal for people who tend to have cold feet when travelling.

Watch out for quality

People often tend to go for savings when buying socks and stockings, but it is often better to focus on their effect than their price. You know, feet are sensitive, and certainly finding yourself with a sudden allergic reaction while travelling is not what you want. Next time before travelling, the advice is to do some targeted research among brands specialising in socks and opt for the model that best suits not only your travel needs but also your skin type. 

Socks without compression

f the goal is to be comfortable and at the same time alleviate that feeling of swelling and heaviness, compression-free socks are the must-have to stock up on. These can actually be worn all the time and not just when travelling, as they don't put pressure on the foot and calf, allowing blood circulation and giving a feeling of well-being.

Non-slip socks

I'm sure some of you have been on a flight and noticed your neighbour starting to untie his laces and then take off his shoes and remain barefoot. Here I am that neighbour! And what can you do after three hours of flying and another four scheduled before landing? Equip yourself with non-slip socks to wear over your own so that you can move freely. This will also avoid embarrassed looks caused by bad smells. Some passengers opt to bring their own socks in other cases it is the airline that gives them away (if you fly in business class). 

Compression socks

For those suffering from venous insufficiency, compression stockings are a must before a trip. These, in fact, allow greater blood circulation as they are made so that the blood circulates from the legs and feet to the heart. Being a special product, these can be purchased in pharmacies or specialised shops. These stockings are optimal for those long journeys where the possibility of movement is very limited.

Elegance on your feet

With winter just around the corner, the socks to use when travelling are those made of cashmere. Besides being warm and comfortable, these socks give your outfit a touch of elegance and sophistication. Often these tights tend to cost more than other models, but on the other hand, as well as keeping your feet warm, you will be wearing only the best. Very soft and warm, these socks are often made in workshops specialising in cashmere processing only.

Key word: invisible socks

Certainly when the fine weather starts, it also becomes necessary to choose the right type of socks, in this case in summer, we choose invisible socks or how they call them in America "footlets". Useful when it comes to wearing closed shoes even in summer, this type is indispensable to avoid ending up with corns, warts and blisters of all kinds. Be careful what colours you stock up on!

The Ciocca Factory

We are Calzificio Ciocca, founded by Lugi Ciocca back in 1912, and since that time, we have been dedicated to the production of socks and stockings. Our constant focus on technological and stylistic research has enabled us to establish ourselves and become one of Italy's leading sock manufacturers. High-quality materials, constant improvements and investments in production have enabled the company to build a reputation based on the excellence of Made in Italy. Our Ciocca products stand out from the rest because of their quality and comfort, making them a must-have for any activity you have in mind.

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