Men's fall socks for the autumn season: All the trends this year

Men's fall socks for the autumn season: All the trends this year

The cold season has started with the usual change of temperature and the usual autumn dilemma: which socks should I wear? It is not easy to choose between the various options, especially because of the uncertain weather at this time. Here is a handy guide with all the trends on men's socks for autumn 2022 and how to choose the right ones.

How to choose the right socks

The sock is an essential accessory for a man, whatever his style. This is why fashion houses have been careful since the dawn of time to produce men's socks in different styles and fabrics according not only to the trends of the moment, but also to the season

If during the warm months the choice is to go for light cotton short socks, autumn makes everything more difficult.

Especially in the first few days, it is a really controversial season in which days alternate between mild and pleasant temperatures, and still others are warm and sunny or the inevitable rainy and rather cold days. 


How to choose men's socks for autumn?

Which models and patterns are right for this year? Let's see the models for the change of season.


Socks suitable for the first cold mounths

When summer gives way to autumn, the days are still quite warm or mild. Long socks that cover the whole leg are still excessive, and spending the entire day with sweaty feet and hot legs is not very pleasant.

The advice we give you is to keep socks of various lengths in your drawer, choosing between short ones that reach the calf and slightly longer ones that will then cover you up to mid-calf.

Strictly made of quality fabrics that allow the foot to breathe, guaranteeing the necessary protection at the first changes in temperature.

The best choice is mid-weight cotton: light, breathable, but warm enough.

Like these short mid-calf socks with classic rib and reinforced toe which, besides being suitable for the season, are perfect with casual as well as formal and elegant styles.

And of course there is the timeless lisle.


The special fabric made from woven Scottish thread is completely natural, antibacterial and breathable.

But there's more!

For the early days of autumn, it is ideal because it retains normal body perspiration better than traditional cotton.

Interesting fact: 'Scottish thread' or lisle is made exclusively from Egyptian cotton. The name derives from the special processing that was first carried out in Scotland in the 19th century.

In addition to this, lisle has always been known for its softness, its greater resistance to warping due to frequent use and its ability to keep its colours bright despite constant washing.


Men's socks autumn 2022

When the cold weather arrives, mid-calf socks will be the preferred choice in men's socks for autumn. Discarding shorter socks is not the only change, however. The materials will also be different.


At the end of October, temperatures continue to drop, making reinforcements necessary. When summer seems like a distant memory and we have pulled warm cotton cardigans and jumpers out of the wardrobe, we must also think about protecting our feet from the cold.

The recommended choices for autumn socks, are those in wool fabrics with warm yarns, but remember that shoes also provide protection from the cold, so socks should be light enough not to induce excessive sweating.

In particular, try socks made of fine merino wool or silk wool.

These are high-quality materials that can keep your feet cool and dry or warm, depending on the climate. Moreover, they are absolutely natural and breathable.


The aesthetic difference between the two materials is that fine wool has a more opaque texture and will give the eye the sense of softness that also characterises it to the touch.

Silk wool, on the other hand, gives the outside of the fabric the typical reflections of silk, while maintaining the opacity of wool.

For the first harsh cold weather, remember that there is also warm cotton.


Now that you have chosen the right material for your new socks, let's move on to the trends for autumn-winter colours and patterns.

Trendy colors and patterns for men's socks autumn winter 2022-2023

 Change of season, change of colours and patterns for clothing and accessories, including socks.

As happens every year, the colours in the wardrobe are becoming more muted as the summer season comes to an end. Bright colours are abandoned and, especially when it comes to accessories, more neutral shades are chosen.


But beware! Switching to softer colours does not mean abandoning bright colours. For autumn-winter, the official Pantone palette chosen by internationally renowned designers matches neutral colours with many vibrant shades. Let's see which ones to choose for this year's men's socks.

The choice must reflect our style by creating harmony with the outfit of the day. We can opt for tone-on-tone socks if the clothes worn are also like that, or create a nice contrast of colours.

Dark neutrals or colours from the autumn-winter palette if we wear light-coloured clothes.

On the contrary, if the outfit of the day includes a dark jacket, shirt and trousers, we can choose socks in light neutral colours from grey to beige.

This year, vintage 70s fashion is back with its check, houndstooth and plaid patterns. Let's see how to combine socks in the right way.

For autumn-winter, we could choose a classic one-colour outfit, or be inspired by trendy patterns. Checks and stripes alternate on fabrics, drawing elaborate patterns reminiscent of vintage fashion.


For tights it will be the same.

You can choose one-colour socks, classic passepartouts that can be worn on any occasion, especially formal ones.

But this is 2022 and we can dare by choosing patterned socks decorated with multicoloured stripes on a plain background, checks and even geometric patterns or multicoloured elements to add an original touch that reflects our style.


Now that you have an idea of what might be the right socks for you, before browsing through the catalogue, there is one last thing to consider: when it comes to socks, it is always best to choose quality Made in Italy.


Made in Italy par excellence: Ciocca men's socks

True Made in Italy is perceived by touch and sight. Attention to detail in the workmanship and good taste in the design can be noticed at first glance. While to the touch one perceives the quality of the materials used and the respect for their workmanship.

Italian production is an art that must be preserved and handed down.

Moreover, thanks to the quality of the materials and workmanship, our socks will last over time, always providing the protection and comfort we need.

Quality, care and protection Made in Italy. These were the values with which Luigi Ciocca started his hosiery factory in 1912 and they are the same values still carried on today by the fourth generation of his family.

Rediscover all the quality of Italian production by wearing designer autumn socks. Discover all the trendy men's socks for autumn-winter 2022-2023 available in the CIOCCA CATALOGUE.

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