Guide to Men’s Formal Socks

Guide to Men’s Formal Socks

Choosing the Perfect Socks

Elegant and well-made socks have always represented that extra classy touch that allows recognizing the original Italian businessman wherever he may be! Even though we are in the homeland of fashion, very often we tend to forget that this precious accessory can make our style and outfit even more unique. Choosing the best elegant socks suitable for our specific case is not always so easy, especially with all the wide variety of socks that the fashion market shows us every season. According to the “Italian style”, it’s good practice that men never show a bare ankle, always wearing long socks. Nowadays, this habit is changing due to many foreign influences. So, how can you choose the perfect elegant socks for your style? Well, Ciocca hosiery is here for that! First, you have to choose the thread that suits you more.

The Best Thread for the Season

  • When choosing socks for our “business life”, first of all, we have to select the perfect fiber for the season. Depending on our personal needs, we have many possible threads available: 

⦁ Cotton socks: probably the most worn. Smooth, thin, and comfy: cotton is surely one of the best threads for those who love to feel their feet free and who are not afraid of cold temperatures. Cotton socks, realized by Ciocca since 1912, are the best solution for those who are looking for high-quality classic socks at a competitive price. Furthermore, due to its hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, cotton is perfect to wear even for people with delicate skins. 


⦁ Lisle socks: the most formal yarn you can find! Lisle socks, thanks to their comfort and wearability, are particularly suitable for elegant suits but also for less formal occasions. Light and breathable, lisle yarn is one of the best threads in the fashion market.


⦁ Cashmere socks: if cold is your bitter enemy, cashmere socks are the most suitable solution for you. Warm and enveloping, cashmere is particularly suitable for wearing during the coldest seasons and for formal outdoor events. 


⦁ Wool socks: soft, ‘silky’, and incredibly elegant. Wool socks are undoubtedly among the most suitable for formal but also less elegant looks. Less heavy than cashmere and heavier than cotton, wool socks, thanks to their thermal quality, allow feet to be completely isolated, keeping a constant and comfy temperature. 


⦁ Fleece socks: famous for their elasticity and durability, even after many washes and uses. Fleece is a fabric particularly suitable for the coldest seasons, even if not very suitable for elegant outfits. 


⦁ Socks with special yarns: to give you the best quality, we at Ciocca hosiery designed a luxury line created with the best threads in the whole fashion market. All the comfort a sock can offer without having to renounce a unique and elegant style. Ciocca luxury collection was thought and studied to grant all the uniqueness you deserve. 


Single Color or With Pattern?

  • Here we are at the most difficult choice! Matching socks to our office outfit is a real art of Italian culture, and like any other art form, it needs to be learned to be applied. We have a wide choice of socks colors and patterns to match our style:
  • ⦁ Single color: the most classic solution. With neutral colors that match shoes or trousers, you are always in the safe zone! Single color can be worn in “rigorous environments”, and it’s perfect for all those people who love a neutral style not to draw attention to themselves.
    ⦁ Bright colors: if you like to be noted, bright colors are what you need! It is always good to remember that socks, even the brightest, must be matched with shoes or trousers not to run into unpleasant combinations.
    ⦁ With patterns: it will be impossible not to see you! Although patterned socks are often more suitable for less formal situations, they’re also suitable for elegant styles. However, we at Ciocca hosiery would like to suggest you wear patterns not too “original” for business environments: geometric shapes are always the best solution!

How to Match Socks: Tips and Tricks

  • Even an accessory such as socks, mistakenly considered trivial, has its own “code” of rules that a businessman needs to follow. Of course, the ideal thread is certainly important, but what matters most is color and its wise use. So, what are Ciocca’s three golden rules?
  • 1) Length: as we love to remember, formal socks must be long (or, in any case, not too short)
  • 2) Formality: not to be confused with “eccentricity”! You can have an eccentric style, maintaining a formal one. The most important thing is to remain faithful to your outfit and your environment
  • 3) Palette: the colors of your socks, to never make mistakes, must always match shoes or trousers
  • As we’ve seen, formal socks can help complete our outfit, making us more formal In the eyes of others. Following these three simple rules listed above, everyone can become an expert in choosing the best socks for their style! 
  • If you’re looking for formal socks, you’re in the right place! Check out our Ciocca online store, where you can find many made-in-Italy men’s socks! 

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