Guide to choosing men's socks

Guide to choosing men's socks

Summer is just around the corner, but do you find it difficult to navigate through the countless summer sock models available?
We have created this guide to help you choose the best socks for your needs. Choosing the sock that best suits your needs and characteristics is certainly not easy, especially given the wide range of models that vary in features, yarns, and small details that make a difference. That's why we decided to write this guide, to help you choose the best sock for your needs.

To start narrowing down the search, we can divide socks into four main categories:


  • Classic socks
  • Wellness socks (Medical, graduated compression, work...)
  • Patterned socks
  • No-show socks


Fashion changes every season, but our classic socks have an unmistakable timeless style, perfect for dressing well on all occasions: in the office, at home, and during leisure time.

Our men's classic socks collection has historical origins and takes inspiration from Italian tradition, reinterpreted by Ciocca with the utmost attention to detail, manufacturing, and yarn selection. For men's summer socks, we use 100% mercerized and twisted Filo di Scozia cotton yarn and wool, silk wool, warm cotton, and cashmere for winter socks. You can choose from a wide range of models that vary in structure (smooth, ribbed, and fine-ribbed), color, and length. The elegant and refined style of these socks makes them perfect to wear all day in the office, at home, and for more elegant occasions – a true must-have that every man should have in his drawer. Produced entirely in Italy at our company using the best cotton yarns and the highest quality standards, to ensure maximum quality and durability over time.


Here are the main models to choose from:


• Wide rib 100% Filo di Scozia socks

•  Smooth 100% Filo di Scozia socks

•  1:1 fine rib 100% Filo di Scozia socks

• Filo di Scozia chiffon socks

•  Tactel socks




Suitable for people suffering from circulatory disorders in peripheral venous pathways who need certified medical stockings. Thanks to the soft cuff at double the normal height and without elastic, our medical stockings do not apply any pressure to the calf and do not leave marks, but at the same time, they stay in place without slipping down the leg.


Choosing stockings should be done with extreme care, especially for you who have circulatory problems, diabetes or have to stand for long periods!


Let's see the characteristics that a stocking must have to be an excellent purchase and a valid partner for everyday life:

• Maximum comfort First of all, the flat seams of the toe of the stocking allow you to have a feeling of freedom under any shoe, whether sports, work or even more elegant ones. 


• The soft cuff positioned below the knee, in long models, prevents the sock from slipping. 


• The fit of the stocking must adapt to all types of ankles and legs.


That's why we at Ciocca have studied the fine ribbed conformation that allows the sock maximum elasticity and comfort to forget the painful marks of the elastic of other socks, also helping for health. Medical stockings are specifically designed for people suffering from circulatory diseases and diabetes, managing to avoid pressure and discomfort even when feet and ankles are swollen. 


Add a touch of color to your day!

Aggiungi un tocco di originalità al tuo outfit con le nostre calze fantasia colorate e alla moda con un design e stile italiano,  per dare un tocco di colore alla giornata. Sul nostro sito puoi trovare una vasta scelta di calze fantasia da uomo colorate e vivaci, dalle fantasie più classiche: righe, pois e rombi ai pattern più moderni e originali per seguire le tendenze del momento e per donare un tocco di unicità al tuo outfit.
Realizziamo le nostre calze fantasia con i migliori filati: non si scoloriscono e resistono all’utilizzo di tutti i giorni.

Scopri la nostra collezione di calze da uomo fantasia colorateAdd a touch of originality to your outfit with our colourful and fashionable patterned socks with Italian design and style, to add a touch of colour to your day. On our website you can find a wide choice of colourful and lively men's patterned socks, from the most classic patterns: stripes, polka dots and diamonds to the most modern and original patterns to follow the trends of the moment and to give a touch of uniqueness to your outfit.
We make our patterned socks with the best yarns: they will not fade and will withstand everyday wear.

No Show

The ghost sock is a very popular type of sock that adapts to different situations and comes in different shapes, compositions and patterns. A common feature of some phantom socks is the presence of a silicon strip on the inside, at the heels, to prevent the sock from slipping under the foot during strenuous activities. This solution helps to maintain the comfort and stability of the foot during use. In addition, to ensure a better fit, some models of phantom socks include an unsewn non-slip welt. This detail allows the sock to remain firmly in place, even during intense activities. Phantom socks also differ in their fabric composition. Some models are made of mercerised cotton, which is thin and light and ideal for warmer times of the year. Other phantom shorts are made from combed cotton or terry cloth, which are stronger materials and suitable for sports activities and situations where more support and durability is required. To choose the best phantom for your needs, it is important to consider various factors such as the climate, the activities you engage in, and your personal preferences in terms of comfort and style. Check out our comprehensive guide to learn more about the features of different phantom models and find the perfect one for you.


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