The beginning

It was 1912 when Luigi Ciocca opened his hosiery factory, the business started trading under his name and today the factory operates in the hands of the fourth generation of the Ciocca family.
The company began to have its first successes seven years after it opened, inspiring the founder to transfer the business to a new base in Quinzando d’Oglio, where a disused blanket factory was for sale.



In 1929, at just eighteen years old, his son Giuseppe joins the company. Young and eager, he begins his journey in acquiring the fundamental experience and skill that allow him to successfully take over the reins of the family business following the premature death of his father.

The difficult time

It was 1935 when Giuseppe Ciocca became head of the company. Even throughout the difficult time during the war, he led the business with great skill and determination, in particular his constant technological and stylistic research saw the production of socks rise.


Leading Company

From the 1950s and onwards, Calzificio Ciocca became a leading company in Italy for sock production. Guaranteeing variety with its a wide range of socks in wool, cotton and many other fabrics, the company covers all areas within the sector from widespread distribution to more niche and luxury markets.

Ciocca S.P.A

To whom he leaves a company that is among one of the top in Italy in terms of its sales network and excellent product quality. The continuous research for new materials and technologies, as well as state of the art machinery, high level professionalism and dedicated customer-care establishes Calzificio Ciocca as a consistently recognisable competitor within the hosiery market. The guidelines outlined at the beginning of the first century by Luigi, and then continued by Giuseppe are the engine of this family business. Heirs succeeded a business built by historical success, excellent organisation, industrial tradition and innovative capability. Today the company has increased its production in Italy, preserving the know-how and values of the company’s predecessors, and also now plays a part overseas production.


The future of Ciocca opens the doors to an organic world

In fact, our company is increasingly committed to protecting the environment.
To date, the Ciocca Group is able to guarantee the entire needs of the company thanks to a photovoltaic system consisting of 1500 panels of the latest generation, the goal is that the company becomes a closed system with zero emissions.
In addition, thanks to the ``Environment-friendly yarns`` project, of which the company is a part, it was selected for the Lombardy region call for ``Fashiontech - Research and Development Projects for sustainable fashion``.
Thanks to this shared project with Filmar Spa (Erbusco) we have the common goal of developing and implementing a new production and logistic process aimed at achieving the highest standards of quality and environmental protection.
These are only the beginning of a series of initiatives that our company is developing in the environmentally friendly world.


Calzificio Ciocca’s production system is revolutionary and highly specialised, innovative machinery and external collaborations with selected laboratories allow Cioccia to anticipate and satisfy all segments within the market, ranging from widespread distribution to more luxury markets. The advantage of using a 360° production cycle and high-quality Italian manufactured machinery with the ability to work with all types of fibers, in a pure or mixed state, nylon or elastomer, enables the company to respond promptly and successfully to the demands within the world of fashion. Calzificio Ciocca is the label for a complete range of high quality products, guaranteeing wearability and comfort, ideal for everyday use, sport and leisure. Almost all production takes place entirely in Italy directly within the company, with each intermediate step carefully monitored by specialised personnel who verify and check all details. Before the cotton, acrylic, nylon and all other fibers that are used arrive in the production department they are heavily tested to ensure that throughout the process a high level of quality is maintained. In order to meet the high demands of market prices, parts of some garments are also made by selected overseas manufacturers, who take great care with each stage of production always ensuring an excellent finished product. Calzificio Ciocca is amongst one of the first companies in Italy to use double cylinder machinery with various different finishes (4, 5, 6, 11, 14, 18, 22, 24, 26). The company also uses the latest one-cylinder machinery, with a retractable tip and different finishes (10, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 56). Additionally Ciocca also uses specialist machinery, for inlay work, with 96, 120 and 156 needles, as well as a machine to make sports garments in towelling fabric with finishes of 24 and 36.